Hey Colossus – Dances/Curses

Wrong Speed is releasing the 13th Hey Colossus album. It’s a 2xLP / 2xCD, 75 minute long, focused, monster. Here’s the first song that’s available to check out, feat. Mark Lanegan.

You can pre-order from the Wrong Speed Bandcamp

Release date: November 6th.

If you want the vinyl and you live in the US please go to the Learning Curve Records site.

Wrong Speed Radio

Listen back to Sunday the 16th of August’s show HERE

Tracklist: Skull Defekts, Hama, Silent Era, Drab Majesty, I’m Being Good, Pharmerz, Chubby and the Gang, Anderson Paak, Reigns, Rene Costy, Fugazi, Enzyme, Talk Talk.

The show goes out every Sunday, 9-10pm.

If you’re in Somerset: 107.1fm. If you’re anywhere else: gfm.org.uk.

Wrong Speed Radio Show

Listen back to August 9th’s show HERE

Tracklisting: Yasuaki Shimizu, Oxbow, Physique, Loraine James, Lords, The Obsessed, R.A.P Ferreira, WS80, Tony Njoku, Booji Boys, Unit Ama, Bad Breeding, ISS, Sweet Williams, Yumiko Morioka

Every Sunday. 9-10pm, 107.1FM in Somerset. Or if you’re anywhere else on the planet: gfm.org.uk

Wrong Speed Radio, 2nd Aug

The second Wrong Speed radio show was broadcast last night. It’s every week, Sunday, 9-10pm. 107.1fm in Somerset or http://www.gfm.org.uk to listen online.

Listen back HERE for one week.

Tracklist – Mort Garson, Chain Whip, Coriky, Penny Penny, Fra Fra, Drecxiya, Reciprocate, Uranium Club, No Class, Malibu Ken, Sial, Alexander Tucker, Miracle, Model Home, Blonde Redhead.

Acidliner + Bass Clef preorders up now

Two of my favourite tapes from the last decade. Acidliner came out 2019, Bass Clef in 2011. I’m pressing them on very limited vinyl, 100 of each. I’m having one, there will be 99 spare.

You can get them from either Bandcamp or Big Cartel – There is also the new label t-shirt.


Originally released in 2011 on cassette on the Magic+Dreams label. This album has been played endlessly at the Wrong Speed HQ for all that time. It’s so damn good. A love letter to the 90s rave scene?

I wanted it on vinyl so here it is. This album will not be available digitally.


This album flew under many radars when it was released by the New Atlantis imprint in 2019. It crashed into mine. Was a top ten album for me last year. Ambient Autechre?

100 vinyl, limited press. So excited to get this.

Listen back

The first Wrong Speed radio show (broadcast 26th July) is now up to be listened too. It’ll be online for one week. Go: HERE

Tracklisting: Crass, Limp Wrist, Sly+The Family Drone, Aesop Rock, Country Teasers, Umoja, Chisel, Roy of the Ravers, Thundercat, Workin Man Noise Unit, Chubby and the Gang, Liaison Dangereuse, Rene Costy, Fitness Womxn, Low, Acidliner.

Next show is on Sunday, and will be every Sunday, 9-10pm, 107.1fm (if you’re in Somerset) or online here.

Wrong Speed Radio Show

From today (July 19th) and every Sunday from now on there will be a Wrong Speed radio show.

It’s from 9-10pm. 107.1FM if you’re in the central Somerset area. You can listen online via the GFM website. You’ll also be able to listen again through the following week.

99% music, 1% me stumbling over words to tell you what the music is.

What can possibly go wrong.

Acidliner : Red-1

This is the third release on the label. The debut Acidliner album came out on cassette last year through the New Atlantis imprint based out of Rye Wax in Peckham. It was in my top ten albums of last year. I played and played it. It sits somewhere between Autechre at their prettiest and Survive. When I thought about starting a label it was top of my want list. I’m pressing 100 copies and there’s gonna be 99 spare. The pre-sell will be up soon. Keep an eye out. (Please note: Reigns+Sweet Williams sold out on pre-order in 24 hours. Some records will make it to the shops. Act quick. Apologies to those who missed out. Follow this blog to keep in the loop).

For now, have a listen to Gideon Coe’s BBC 6Music show from last night: HERE. From 1:35 he plays Sweet Williams (WSR002) and goes straight into an Acidliner (WSR003) tune. If this track doesn’t swing you then nothing will. Half way through when the synth stabs kick in….God damn…..

So, there you go, WSR003 = Acidliner’s Red:1 album. Can’t wait for people to hear it.

Reigns / Sweet Williams new records

Thankyou to Birthday Cake For Breakfast for this fine piece about the new label, and the new releases that are now up for presell. Go there to check out a new video by Reigns and a new tune by Sweet Williams. So very pleased to be releasing their albums on the label.

You can pick them up from either:




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